The Place To Be: Banff Ski Holidays

As the ski and snowboard season begins in earnest, Banff inside the western Canadian province of Alberta will be regularly expected as 1 of the hottest tickets for winter sports - and with an increasing number of flights to Canada from Europe the quantity of visitors from over the pond is set to boost even further in 2009/2010.

Banff Ski Holiydays

Banff Ski Holidays/Mt.Standish Express
Yet, in spite of skiing and snowboarding getting the area's main recreation - Banff has a good deal far more to offer you besides.

Banff can refer to both Banff National Park as well as the town located in the south east of the park. The national park may be the oldest inside the country founded in 1885 and has because been made a UNESCO Globe Heritage Website in 1984 having a focus on environmentalism and conservation of its exceptional florae and faunae. Subsequently, the location holds significance for nature lovers who come to catch a look at - at times elusive - creatures such as moose, elk, deer, chipmunks and mountain goats.

The region is of important geological interest too. Not merely are the Alberta Rockies particularly dramatic and ruggedly sedimentary - maybe very best evidenced by the 'castellate' shape of Castle Mountain near Banff town - the park also boasts a variety of unique natural hot springs for instance Banff Upper Hot Springs which flows by way of sulphur mountain warming the water to around 100°F. Banff National Park is also dwelling to a number glaciers and icefields.

On account of the National Park's terrific size (6,641 square kilometres), you will discover countless hiking and walking trails for persons of all experiences - and it's arguably 1 of the ideal approaches discover the area's correct beauty. The Cory Pass Loop located just outside Banff town is one of the most well known trails and covers 13 kilometres with fantastic views from around 925 metres above sea level.

The town of Banff itself is the largest in the park having a population of around 7,000, and subsequently boasts a well-established exclusive community which thrive alongside the town's resort purpose. The Banff Centre provides arts and music, whilst the Banff Park Museum reflects mountain culture as well as the area's importance in the history of Canada - too as the development of the country's and also the globe's national parks movement.